Soap Saver Pouch

Soap Saver Pouch

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Natural sisal soap bags have many benefits:

  • Naturally exfoliating - it massages your skin and promotes blood circulation
  • Allows the soap to foam quickly
  • Much easier to hold and control in the shower than a bar of soap!
  • Helps use up small scraps
  • By hanging by the drawstring it allows the soap to dry, therefore extending its life
  • Natural and biodegradable fibre

Simply pop your soap into your bag, run under water and rub to create lather. For subsequent uses, pull the sides of the bag away from the soap bar to create friction - more friction, more lather!

zero-waste soap saver pouch is just the ticket.

It extends the life of the soap bar. It is a clean way to store soap. It doubles as an exfoliating surface to smooth your skin.